China’s Top 10 Most Livable Cities
2012/3/28 17:52:30

According to the first Chinese Cities Brand Value Report, which was released at 2007 Beijing Summit of China Cities Forum, Loudi City has been rated as China’s Top 10 Most Livable Cities because of its “excellent surroundings, advanced civilization, convenient life and people in peace and contentment”. The honor has become the pride of local people and an image of core value in its development.
  It is reported that “Chinese Cities Brand Value Index” is firstly put forward in the report, and 5 index systems are used to systematically analyze the brand value of 287 cities at or above prefecture level, namely, “livable, suitable for career development, good for learning, business-appropriate, and travel-attractive”. The top 10 cities mentioned in the report are: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu, Ningbo and Suzhou. Tianjin and Chongqing, the other two municipalities directly under the Central Government, rank 11th and 21th respectively. And the top 10 livable cities are: Shenzhen, Zhanjiang, Shiyan, Xuchang, Huanggang, Jiujiang, Mudanjiang, Loudi, Xiangtan and Liaocheng. 
  In the recent 5 years, Loudi has accelerated the construction of living environment and public service system. Over 10 billion yuan has been invested in the construction of municipal facilities and environmental reform. As a result, the city grade has been greatly enhanced and Loudi has ranked Hunan’s advanced cities in terms of living environment, per capita living space, per capita area of roads, per capita public green area, and tap water penetration. It has been awarded in succession such honors as “Provincial-level Garden City”, “Provincial-level Hygiene City” and “National Model City for Afforestation”. Besides, the city has expedited tourism development and pressed ahead with construction of humanistic environment and city landscape. Consequently, lots of key scenic spots have been developed, such as Ziquejie Terraced Fields, Meishan Long Palace (Natural and Cultural Heritage), the Former Residence of Zeng Guofan (Major Historical and Cultural Site under State Protection), Meijiang Scenic Resort, Daxiongshan National Forest Park (People’s Preference • One Hundred Scenic Spots in Hunan), etc. Besides, a large amount of urban landscapes with Loudi characteristics have been built, like Louxing Square, Shima Park, and Chunyuan Shopping Mall. In addition, the government has intensified efforts to construct social civilization system and develop regional economy. The growth rate of total output value has exceeded the average rate of Hunan Province in 3 consecutive years. Citizens’ level of civilization has also been dramatically improved and Loudi was honored with “Provincial-level Civilized City” last year.
  Loudi City now is a good illustration of harmony between man and nature—people live in a picturesque setting surrounded by trees and flowers. Every night, people gather at the square or in parks to take exercises or relax themselves—doing the Yangko or aerobics, dancing, etc. What a beautiful & unique urban scenery!

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